Research requests

We provide an opportunity for members to become involved as volunteers in research studies offered through various organisations such as local universities and institutions.

The listings are provided as a free service and without recommendation by U3A Hawthorn. Members’ participation is entirely as their own undertaking.

More details are available on their website: RETREATTai Chi trial information

Sleep Study – tackling insomnia

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The Tinnitus Project

The Bionics Institute, located in East Melbourne, is a not-for-profit research organisation that develops medical devices, therapies and diagnostic tools for unmet patient needs.

The Tinnitus Project aims to develop an objective measure of tinnitus (see see website for research details here.) using a safe and non-invasive brain imaging technique based on near-infrared light.

They are currently recruiting participants over 60 without tinnitus for their control group.

The link below is to a recruitment flyer outlining the project and the requirements for participants. Please consider assisting them by volunteering to be part of their control group..

Download the flyer here

listed on 24 April 2024

Investigating the relationship between ageing and long-term outcomes following traumatic brain injury

This project at the Monash-Epworth Rehabilitation Research Centre (Richmond, VIC) aims to study the relationship between ageing and long-term outcomes following traumatic brain injury. To help us understand what changes might be related to a brain injury and what might be part of the normal aging process, we need to compare people with a brain injury to people without one. This allows us to understand how these two groups change over time, and how these changes might be similar or different.

We are currently recruiting individuals aged 79-89 years old with no history of brain injury.

What’s involved: You will answer questionnaires about your mood and lifestyle, do thinking skills tasks, have some blood taken, and have an MRI brain scan (to take a picture of your brain). The session will be completed at the Epworth Hospital in Richmond and takes about 4-hours.

You will be reimbursed $200 for your time, with the option to have your travel reimbursed if you choose (taxi vouchers, parking vouchers).

Interested? Please follow this link and fill in the short form. 
Alternatively, you can email or call us at / (03) 9426 8923

Ageing and eyes: identifying moving objects against their background

My name is Pooja Nandagopal and I am a PhD student at the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, The University of Melbourne, supervised by A/Prof Andrew Anderson and Prof. Allison McKendrick. I am currently conducting a study examining how healthy ageing affects our ability to identify moving objects against their background.  I am actively seeking participants aged between 60 and 80 years who are in good health. Participants who volunteer will undergo a short series of eye tests to check their eligibility, followed by a series of computer-based tests over two sessions. All the tests in the study are non-invasive and present no risks greater than home computer use.

Contact details:
If you wlsh to participate in our study or require more details, please contact Pooja Nandagopal via email:

Download a flyer here for more details

listed on 27 October 2023

Healthcare literacy and medical outcomes

RMIT logo

My name is Eman Rafhi, a Pharmacist and PhD researcher from RMIT University. 

My current research involves completing a survey in older adults who are 65 years or above. This research is looking at whether beliefs and health literacy influence medical outcomes in this population. To participate in this research, participants are kindly asked to complete a 10-minute survey which can be accessed through the QR code presented on the flyer or by completing a paper copy of the survey and posting this back to RMIT free-of-charge.

Download the flyer here for more details

listed on 24 May 2023

Plastic use at home

University of Sydney logo

Hello, I’m David Reynolds, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology undertaking research on how plastics are useful in everyday life, with a view to reducing plastic waste.
We are seeking participants aged 60+ who have lived mostly in Australia. If that’s you, please consider participating in a 30 min interview to share memories of plastic at home throughout your life. Interviews are by phone or video call, at a time that suits you. A modest thank-you voucher of $40 is available to participants.
You can contact me at for further information or with any questions.
With kind regards, David Reynolds.

listed on 1 April 2023

Mind Your Nose

The study currently being conducted is exploring smell-based memory and is led by Associate Professor Alex Bahar-Fuchs at the University of Melbourne. The study will compare smell-based memory training to visual memory training in older adults who are concerned about possible changes in their thinking and memory abilities (cognition). The training intervention will last four weeks and can be done from home.

For the Mind Your Nose Study, we are looking for people who:

Are aged 65 years or older
Have concerns that their cognition has declined
Live in metropolitan Melbourne

Here are some links to previous media coverage about the study.

Link to article in the conversation
Link to interview on ABC radio
Link to 9 News media coverage

For further information, download a flyer here

listed on 1 April 2023