Rehearsal Schedule 2017

Rehearsals 10am

at St Marks, Burke Road, Camberwell

Please note the system of rehearsal dates — almost always, the 1st and 3rd Thursdays in the month. (Occasionally there is a 5th).

Rehearsal Schedule

Concert 3 - Saturday 18 November

Note from Jules ...> click here for link to the Elgar recording

21 September 10am Strings with Jules/Brass,Woodwind with Robert Dora
28 September 10am READ Dvořák, Elgar
  11:30am Violin Triptych (without soloist)
5 October 10am Dvořák 8: 1st, 4th Mvts.
  11:30am Dvořák 8: 2nd , 3rd Mvts
19 October 10am Dvořák 8 all movements   
  11:30am Elgar (with perc.)
26 October 10am Dvořák 8, Elgar (with perc.)
  11:30am Triptych (without soloist)
2 November 10am Elgar
  11:30am Violin Triptych (with soloist)
9 November 10am Dvořák 8:  ALL Mvts.
  11:30am Violin Triptych (with soloist)
16 November 10am Run Thru entire program in concert order (with soloist)
18 November 1pm Soundcheck
18 November 2.30pm Concert


Parking situation around St Marks. The following streets all have 2-hour parking on only one side, leaving unrestricted parking on the other side:- Berwick St, Gascoigne St, Kintore St, Torrington St. One block further up, Parlington St has no restrictions at all, though a bit further to walk, and of course there is parking in Canterbury Rd, Rathmines Rd, and Burke Rd close to the Church. So check in your Melways for familiarisation. ... Ruth Muir

U3A Hawthorn orchestra - Hawthorn Town Hall

The Orchestra performing at Deakin Edge, Federation Square, as part of Seniors Week 2015

Photo: Angela Glover

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