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The Twenty Fourth AGM

10:30 am

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Sinclair Avenue Campus
26 Sinclair Avenue, Glen Iris


  • To receive apologies and proxies
  • To confirm Minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting
  • To receive the Annual Report for 2008/9
  • To receive the Audited Financial Statement for the year ended 31 December 2008
  • Motion to amend the Association’s Rules:
    • To provide for a Vice President as an Officer of the Association
    • To require a quorum of 20, in place of 5, at all General Meetings
    • To create an Executive to whom the Committee may delegate any of its functions. The Executive to consist of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.
  • [ further details of this Motion are provided below ]

  • To elect Office Bearers and Committee Members for the next 12 months
  • To appoint an Auditor for the year ending 31 December 2009
  • Other business of which notice has been given in accordance with the Rules

All Executive and Committee positions will be declared vacant. Nomination and Proxy Forms (both available from the office) must be deposited with the Secretary not less than 7 days (in the case of Nominations) and not less than 24 hours (in the case of Proxies) prior to the time for the commencement of the Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting was followed by a talk by Dr. Beth Wilson, Victorian Health Services Commissioner

photo of Dr Beth Wilson, Victorian Health Services Commissioner

In 2002 Beth was awarded Monash University’s Distinguished Alumni Award for her outstanding professional achievements and inspirational leadership.

Among other awards and recognitions, Beth was inducted onto the Victorian
Honour Roll of Women in 2008 for services to women’s health in Victoria. In her spare time, Beth is learning singing and to play blues harmonica, mandolin and guitar.

During a lively and humorous presentation Beth outlined the role and jurisdiction of the Health Services Commissioner. Her anecdotal interludes provoked many laughs, but were also skilfully used to communicate significant issues for discussion.

As well as awarding stress balls to members who asked the 'best question', Beth treated us to a rendition of "Oh! Susannah" on the mouth-organ and required the audience to participate in a singalong.

Dr Beth Wilson

We were delighted that Beth was able to stay after her talk for some lunch and a chance to answer questions. In addition it was a privilege to have Members of Boroondarah Council in attendance.

MOTION put to the AGM

To amend the Rules of Third Age Learning (Hawthorn) Inc. by

  • Altering Rule 8(4)(c)(ii) to read “a Vice President”

  • Altering Rule 8(4)(c)(iii) to read “a Secretary”

  • Adding Rule 8(4)(c)(iv) to read “a Treasurer and ordinary members of the Committee”

  • Altering the first sentence of Rule 9(9) to substitute the word “twenty” for the word “five”

  • Adding new Rule 10(2)(d) reading “The Committee can decide to delegate any of its functions to the Executive of the Committee. The Executive shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The Executive shall be required to report back to the Committee on any of the functions so delegated.”


1. Alterations to Rule 8(4) are recommended to allow the creation of the position of Vice President. The Vice President will be the President-in-waiting. There is much to learn about all the activities of the group and it takes some experience to take over the reins. Establishing an Executive (see below) which includes the Vice President will share the load of the present Office Holders.

2. The current Rule provides that five members present at a General Meeting shall constitute a quorum. It is considered this is inadequate in an organisation whose membership is in excess of 1000. Currently there is no formal Executive. The Executive should consist of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Because the Committee meets only once a month it is seen as appropriate that the Committee can delegate specific functions to the Executive. There is presently no formal way of doing this. This rule will not prevent the Committee delegating tasks to individual Office Bearers or to individual Committee

The Motion was passed in full.